Social Media Advertising Division

IEcho Arts has spent years working with companies to provide content for various purposes. We have taken all of that experience to provide a Monthly template to Capture, Create and Manage Social Media content.


Brand Photos

20151019-hawaii volcanic-2595.JPG

Cinemagraphs - GIF's

Cinemagraphs are glossy photos with subtle, isolated sections of movement that have been described as amped-up versions of GIFs. They’ve quickly become ubiquitous on social media.

HV FB cover- Waterfall .gif
wave drop.gif
cap andy raft money shot gif.gif

30 Second Shorts

A lot can be conveyed in 30 seconds if you know what needs to be said. We take a collection of captured media, stock footage and graphics to create short promos for a special event, new product launch or to showcase a lifestyle aligned with the company's current Social Media direction.

Highlight Videos

When 30 seconds is not enough to share your message, we create a longer highlight video of 1:30. These can be a recap to a event to promote the next one, an informative news style video, a showcase of the company or whatever the current monthly ad goal is.